[World] - Covid 19 Omicron: No vaccine? No cafe, according to new French law | NZ Herald

2022.01.16 16:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Covid 19 Omicron: No vaccine? No cafe, according to new French law | NZ Herald

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2022.01.16 16:13 Zen1300 Week 3 - More candid

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2022.01.16 16:13 jaquilleoneil The description is like, this boy finds this girl and the girl convinces him she’s an alien trying to get back home to her parents and (spoiler alert) he’s completely convinced until at the end she reveals she’s not and she *might* have ran away or something

there’s also this part of the book where he like feeds her food and she pretends like she’s never had human food before, and And I think the book was called something along the line of “Signs” or “Sign”
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2022.01.16 16:13 brmacdon1 [Repost] [Academic] Human Trafficking Knowledge Affect on the Polls (18-24 years old and able to vote in the United States)

Dear Potential Survey Participant,
We are requesting your assistance with a study conducted by a researcher at Arizona State University on Gen Z’s Voting Patterns and Human Trafficking Knowledge. You must be at least
18 years of age and no older than 24 to participate and you must be registered to vote in the United States. The study will take you approximately 10 minutes.
Follow this link to participate:
Participation in this study is voluntary and you may withdraw from participation at any time. If you have any questions you may contact the researcher. Your responses will be anonymous. Results of this study may be used in reports, presentations, or publications; however, your name will not be known. If you have any questions concerning this study, please contact Dr. Claudine DeCarolis at [claudine.decarolis@asu.edu](mailto:claudine.decarolis@asu.edu) or Bridget Mac Donald at [brmacdon@asu.edu](mailto:brmacdon@asu.edu).
If you would like to be sent the final use of this data- please enter your email at this separate link.
Thank you in advance,
Bridget Mac Donald
Dr. DeCarolis
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2022.01.16 16:13 Alarmed-Equipment-37 im fucking my gay friends now

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2022.01.16 16:13 PJALSTARz F Stops changing automictically

Hey guys so I bought a sigma 16 1.4 for my a6500, and I sometimes when I'm shooting in manual my f stops would go from f5.6 to f1.4 anytime I move the camera, but i also realize it happens sometimes with my 35mm 2.8 Carl Zeiss lens, can someone tell me what's going on?
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2022.01.16 16:13 CallForBootyMW69 My middle name is right behind that shrub!

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2022.01.16 16:13 AdAstraQ Korean War Memorial (Central Park, Burnaby) — this morning's fog gives it a melancholy appearance

Korean War Memorial (Central Park, Burnaby) — this morning's fog gives it a melancholy appearance
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2022.01.16 16:13 chrisnolanisok happy sunday 🤗

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2022.01.16 16:13 mbonney21 Picked up this G. Loomis Venture 5 reel at a flea market for $35. Can’t find much online for comparison. Good deal?

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2022.01.16 16:13 karlklarglas I admire the indicator sealing. Do know what car got this (aftermarket)

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2022.01.16 16:13 20033002hghk something odd just happened in league

just played a match with a friend which took abt 46 mins and at the end we all reported a sivir bcz of cheating.......once after the match, while i was looking at my match history the previous game was GONE..is it possible?!
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2022.01.16 16:13 Lord_Unknown27 [UK] [H] Looking for a 65% for around 100 to 125 USD [W] Paypal Buying

Im looking for a bakeneko65, kbd67, block 67, or portico, please let me know if you have any for sale!
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2022.01.16 16:13 weenphisher76 What a douche, couldn’t even make a good meme from his inspiration

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2022.01.16 16:13 LordIlthari A Wizard's Homestead: In Which the Sage Meets his Neighbors

Morgan followed Yvonne back through the woods, as she cut a clear and straight path through the hills. She soon reached a game trail, which wound by the mountainside not a hundred yards from where Morgan had set up his camp. Following it, they came out of the hillside woods in about an hour, and came out onto an old stone road, overgrown with moss. The road still had flecks of whitewash upon it, and despite the growth of weeds and the wear of travel, still held strong and sturdy. It was a thing well-made, to last for a thousand years and more.
They carried on their path, when Morgan’s gut growled loud enough to be mistaken for an irritated black bear. Yvonne turned to him with a raised eyebrow. “When was the last time you ate?” She asked.
“About two nights ago.” Morgan admitted. “I was about to eat my first meal in a while when you showed up.”
“You don’t have a knife, or any cooking equipment, how were you going to cook the fish?”
“A spit, and as for getting bones and scales off, magic.” The mage replied, wiggling his fingers sorcerously.
The huntress raised an eyebrow at that, but moved to the side of the road and sat down. “Well, since I kept you from eating your lunch, permit me to share mine with you.” She then reached into her bag and removed a pair of large dark loaves, a bit of dried jerky, and some strong-smelling goat cheese. She removed a large handkerchief, and set it on stone and laid out her meal. The smell of it was enough to make Morgan’s mouth water. However, he remembered his manners, and bowed his head in thanks to Yvonne before sitting down.
The pair split the meal in half, though Yvonne took care to give Morgan the slightly bigger half. Then she bowed her head and clasped her hands together. Morgan likewise bowed his head, and said grace. “Father, thank you for this meal which you have provided and the hands which have crafted it. In your holy name, Amen.” He offered a simple grace. Yvonne said a prayer of her own. “Our Lord who provides all good things, thank you for your provision. May we be strengthened by it to do good this day.”
Then they began to eat. The bread was dark, hearty, and had the rich flavor of a long rise in it, yet was quite dense. If Morgan had to guess, it had been let rise, deflate, and ferment a bit more before being baked, resulting in a hearty, dense bread that reminded him of a thick sourdough. The cheese was as strong as it smelled, and the jerky was tough venison, and took some work to get down.
“So, father?” Yvonne asked after a moment. “I’ve heard that those in foreign lands have strange religions, but I’ve never heard of any who prayed to their parents.”
Morgan swallowed his bite. “Hm. Not exactly my parent, but more in the sense that God is the creator of all life. He cares for us as a father cares for his children. My people believe that we are in a way adopted by him by practicing our religion.”
“Interesting. And there’s just one of your gods? I heard that the pagans used to worship entire pantheons.”
“Never thought I’d be called a pagan, but there’s just one, though it’s a bit more complicated than that as He is one, but there are three aspects of him and persons in Him. There is God the Father who made everything and rules it all, His Son, Jesus Christ who came to Earth to teach us about himself and to die to save us from our sins, and the Holy Spirit, which is what guides us and teaches us to be holy.”
“So there are three of them.” Yvonne replied flatly.
“No that’s why I said it’s complicated. They’re all God, but each one is not the other. I don’t really understand how it works myself. I think it might be something like aspects. I’m not a theologian. I just go to church on Sundays.” Morgan explained awkwardly.
“That still sounds a bit like polytheism with extra steps.” Yvonne noted. “Though, this “Father” aspect does sound quite similar to our God. He is the creator God and ruler of all good things. Does your religion also know of the evil one?”
“Yes, we call him Satan, or just the Devil.”
“Devil, heh, that’s a good name for him. You’ll have to speak with father about this. I wonder if the ancient elven religion you’re talking about might have just been a slightly different version of ours.”
“Again, not an elf, human from another world stuck in an elf’s body.” Morgan pointed out.
“Alright your American religion.” Yvonne replied. “Though I’m still not certain why that would be the way things are. It seems to make more sense to me if an elf found themselves falling into some sort of magical sleep and waking up centuries later. That’s the way it works in the stories.”
“Well unfortunately it does make sense from my point of view. Getting pulled into other worlds is a fairly common starting point for a lot of stories, though most of the time you die and wind up reincarnated.”
“So, did you die?”
“Well not that I’m aware of. I just went to sleep, and I was only twenty. Not like I was about to drop dead in my sleep. Also the usual mechanism is getting run over by a truck.”
“What’s a truck?”
“A wagon that doesn’t need a horse to pull it.”
“How in the world does it manage that, some kind of magic?”
“No, something called an internal combustion engine. I haven’t got any idea how to make one, but I think in theory it’s basically a box that captures explosions and uses the force of that to turn the wheels.”
Yvonne stared at him. “You have got to be pulling my leg here. A box of explosions. Who would be stupid enough to drive one of those?”
“You believed the whole “I’m a human from another world in an elf’s body” thing a lot easier than that.”
“Well I’m talking to you and you seem to more or less act like an ordinary person, minus the knife ears and the whole “doing magic without a spirit” thing. Though if you used to go around in a box full of explosions I might retract the ordinary bit.”
Morgan decided to keep his peace on how quickly the boxes of explosions traveled and how many of them there were on the road at once. “Well, in either case, I’m new here. So what exactly is Gaulica? Is it the local kingdom? Part of that Tyberian Empire you mentioned?”
Yvonne shook her head. “Gaulica was just a kingdom, centuries ago. The Tyberian empire conquered it, but when it started falling apart, we were one of the most powerful provinces, and we united with a few others to kick them out and establish our own empire. So it’s a bit of a kingdom and a bit of an empire. Mostly it’s a hot mess that I don’t worry much about. So long as no Tyberian armies or Kassate raiders coming through, or any nearby barons or dux deciding their families need a bit more land, I really don’t care much for politics.”
She grinned and flicked her bow. “And if politics show up, I’m ready for em. One of the few nice things about being a girl is that nobody’s going to tell me to run off to get killed for some blue-blood. But if trouble heads my way, well trouble’s going to get a bit of me.”
Morgan smiled at that, and then something occurred to him. “Well, if there’s trouble on my account, being the only elf you seem to have seen in quite a little while. Just point me in the surest direction away from your home. I’d hate to bring trouble towards you.” He pointed towards the bow. “And I’d rather not get shot at.”
She cocked her head to the side, and looked at him and through him. He shifted slightly uncomfortable under her stare, before her gaze softened. “Well I’ll be you actually mean that. Huh.”
“Do people not normally agree to stay out of the way of getting shot at?” Morgan asked, and Yvonne blew a sharp breeze out her nose in amusement.
“No, the other thing. You’ve got no clue where you are, assuming you’re telling the truth, and weren’t even living in a hut when I found you, and you’re perfectly willing to go wandering off from what little you had if it’s going to cause trouble for us.”
“Well when all you’ve got is nothing there’s not a lot to worry about leaving behind. And besides, I’d been there for like a day. Didn’t exactly have a long time to get attached to the place.”
“I suppose not. Just seems odd to me. Though you seem to be a decent enough sort. Strange, but decent enough.” Yvonne replied. “I shouldn’t be too bothered about it if no trouble came along, and we had an elf for a neighbor.”
“I suppose that’s going to depend to some extent. I highly doubt that I’m here for no good reason, and to some extent, I’d like to see if it’s even possible for me to get home. I don’t suppose your world has any prophecies about heroes from another world?”
“There aren’t really prophecies at all. Trying to read the future is divination, and that sort of thing has been banned. The only times that was allowed was back in the old pagan days. If anyone would know about old pagan prophecies though it might be my father. He’s got something of a historic interest in the old pagan societies.”
“Well, all the more reason for us to meet then I suppose.”
They finished their meal then, and got up to head out towards the town. They found it on the sunny side of a hill, nestled in where the trees of the high hill began and the fields set into the fertile river valley began. The wide road led past it, but a small avenue branched out and up towards the town proper. The valley around it was filled with fields being worked by hardy men and women, who stopped and stared at them as they continued onwards and upwards. “Ho, Yvonne! You’ve brought a strange elk in this time. Come by wandering stranger?” They called and asked, then paused and stared at Morgan’s fair features and pointed ears.
He shifted uncomfortably under their stares, then designed to break the awkwardness with a joke. “Out of a storybook or so it seems. Morgan, pleased to meet you. You’ve a lovely valley to have gotten lost in.”
That brought out a chuckle, and the folk wished them on their way when Yvonne mentioned that they were going to see her father. He heard them speaking to one another as they left. “Well that’s something you don’t see every day. Oddly dressed fellow and strange as he may be, at least he’s got good manners, and Yvonne ought to make sure that he doesn’t bring any trouble. I wonder where he came from though. Suppose I shall have to go and ask him when we’re done here.”
They came up towards the hill where the houses were nestled nicely. Along the side of town nearest to the hill, they had dug their houses partways into the earth like hobbit holes. These homes seemed to be the older sort, likely remnants of the first settlers which were still being used to this day. The rest were structures of wood and river-clay set onto foundations of what looked almost like concrete run over gathered stones. Their rooftops were clay shingles insulated with thatch. They were small houses by modern standards, each one seemed like it might have the interior space of a large appartment, but they seemed to be solidly built. None were painted, but they were all covered in a sort of grey wash to keep away wind and water. They were further decorated each according to its own family’s whims, mostly with beds of gathered and cultivated wildflowers. Many had small gardens besides, in which herbs were growing.
The place was full of activity, as it seemed that while most of the men and women of full working age were out in the fields, older folk, grandmothers and grandfathers, remained behind and kept an eye on those not old enough for school or for working. They attended to the matters of their homes, weeding gardens, dusting porches and the like. Those members of the community engaged in the trades remained behind as well. It was easy to tell where the smith’s house was on account of the smoke and noise rising out of an additional attachment built on to the side of the house. The houses of the craftsmen were all a shade or two larger, and seemed to have their workshops set alongside it. They were all set along the main road, which was well worn down by wagon and foot traffic. The one exception to this seemed to be the tanner’s house, which simply had a covered balcony by which the tanner sold his hides. Undoubtedly his unpleasant business took place a goodly way outside of the rest of the town.
They came at last to the village green, after having been walking and chatting for the better part of two hours. It had been easy walking, and Morgan’s light stride left him fresh in spite of the time and distance. He guessed that they were most likely about eight miles from where they’d first come down from the road, which couldn’t have been more than about half a mile from where he’d first landed. It amused him somewhat that he had been so near to such a lively little settlement without having any idea. The world was a far larger place when you had to get everywhere on foot and had no idea where anything was.
The common green was filled with the business of late afternoon, as a number of children of school age were engaged in all manner of rambunctious play. Their grandparents watched on from a set of tables, speaking with one another and engaging in games of dice and something that looked at first like checkers. They took up a large area filled up with various tables and chairs not far from what had to be the local tavern, and from the large attachment in the back, also the local brewery. Across the green from the tavern stood the largest building Morgan had seen so far in the town, and what he assumed must be the town hall or possibly the mayor’s house. Then again, given that nearly every business he’d seen so far was doubling as a home, it was probably both.
Then besides it was a building that hardly seemed to fit in with the rest of the village at all. Indeed, it was as strange and foreign as Morgan himself. The building was the only one in the village built altogether out of stone, and not just any stone but what had to be some kind of sandstone. Morgan had seen no stone of the sort anywhere nearby, and wondered at how expensive it must have been to import. Furthermore, it was the only building in town with glass in its windows. Windows were not uncommon in the town, but they were open and covered only with shutters. These were stained glass windows, composed of many tiny pieces of colored glass fitted into iron frames. The images showed the face of a man carrying some form of book, accompanied by many tiny spirits of different colors. The scenes were alien to Morgan, but he guessed that they likely showed scenes of significant religious import.
The construction of the church, for that was surely what it was, was entirely unlike that of a western church though. It had a flat roof, but on the back half something like a step pyramid had been constructed, and atop that a thing like a gazebo. In the gazebo a great fire burned and young acolytes carefully fed it. They came in by the broad doors and found themselves in the sanctuary, where many pews sat, enough to seat the whole village. It was filled with the faint smell of incense, and surprisingly was full of fresh flowers and even heads of grain set into the walls. There was a raised dais, and upon it an altar with three lamps which burned brightly. Behind the altar and set unto the wall were graven words.
“And God said unto the prophet, “Hear my words and know what is the right way of living. Know that I am God, who made heaven and earth and established the Din. Abide in love unto all people and all things, for I made them and abide in love for them. Make your thoughts pure and dwell upon holy things. Purify your tongue and speak what is good and righteous. Let your hands be instruments of goodness to establish worthy deeds. Abjure the Druj which is from the evil one, and be in harmony with the Ahura, for they are my servants. Restore that which is broken and heal that which is wounded. Feed those who are hungry and thirsty, care for those who are ill. Take not what you do not need, and give freely when you have much. Honor those whom I have set above you, for I establish the thrones of the earth. Do not fear death or abjure darkness, for they are of the Din which I have made. By these things, which are good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, you will walk in the Din and there will be peace and prosperity among the land and its people.”
He had little time to ponder this though before he was ushered by Yvonne up past the altar and through a door into the back rooms of the temple. Like seemingly every other building in the town, it seemed to also include the living quarters of the local priest, and presumably also Yvonne. They came into what had to be the kitchen, where a large man in a red tunic with a slightly odd golden necklace was carefully watching what appeared to be some kind of grilled hot sandwich.
He was a large man, built like a barrel, and while some of that weight was undoubtedly soft, there was old muscle under that. He had always been a big man, and perhaps twenty years ago he would have also been a frighteningly strong one, and he’d kept some of that even as he shifted into something of a softer role. His hair was short and curly, and was salt-and-pepper grey and black, along with a short beard. He was overall quite hairy, except around his forearms, which had the scars of more than a few burns. He turned and had a face weathered by many years in the sun, with great bushy eyebrows. He was wearing a red tunic that made him almost seem like a middle-aged version of Santa Claus, and his face was kindly enough to match. Strangest of all though was that he carried a hooded lantern on his belt, and the flame within burned brightly even in the bold day.
He stepped over towards Yvonne and embraced her in a bone crushing hug. “You’re home early dear.” He said, before letting her go and turning towards Morgan. “Aha, well you’re an odd fellow. I wondered when Yvonne was going to be bringing a young man home with her, but I wasn’t expecting it to be an elf! Come, sit down, I’m making up a sandwich for an afternoon snack, and I can make up a couple more for company without any trouble.”
“Never gonna happen Dad.” Yvonne said, rolling her eyes as she sat down. “Don’t mind that, he’s determined to marry me off, so I don’t wind up turning into the moon one evening.”
Morgan sat down, not quite understanding what sort of joke she was making. Then again, perhaps it wasn’t a joke and that was a thing that actually happened here.
The large man quickly set another pair of sandwiches cooking and then turned towards the pair. “Well then young man, I’m Jean, pleasure to meet you.”
“Morgan, likewise.” Morgan replied, a bit taken aback by the large friendly priest.
“Well Morgan, what brings you to our little hamlet? Passing through to somewhere more important no doubt?”
Morgan chuckled at that. “Sir, I don’t even know where somewhere more important would be.”
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2022.01.16 16:13 anxiousrunner13 Hey yinz guys, remember don’t be throwing your snow out on the street tomorrow!

Public works crews will be working like crazy the next 24 hours and the local municipal guys don’t have enough to rotate crews regularly. So give them a break and keep it in your yard or somewhere else. Also think of them and maybe toss a snack bar, candy bar or a warm drink their way.
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2022.01.16 16:13 RedFrog2704 You Dont Have a Dad. Go Touch Some Grass Kids. ps its a fake gender

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2022.01.16 16:13 Kernel_Panic3301 Video Editing PC

Hello. I want to build a pc for 4k video editing . I'll use a Samsung S21 5g as camera , S9+ as second camera when its needed , and rarely an S20 Ultra . Until now i did some light editing using Sony Vegas but not with my footages. I'm planning on switching to Premiere Pro . The budget right now is somewhere around ~1000$ to 1200$.
I was thinking on 2 option .
I found an CPU ( 5700g ) + MB (B550 Aorous Pro V2) - not ideal but decent MB , for 370$ .
For full build without GPU it gets somewhere around 860$
I'm planning on getting 32gb RAM 3600mhz
2 ssd , one for system and apps 250gb , another 1 of 1tb , and 1 or 2 tb HDD.
The rest of money ill keep and save more to get an GPU , I was thinking of 1660 ti or maybe used 1080TI. 1660ti in my area is around 600$ . I could get the rest of money after a month maybe .
2nd option would be 12600k + z690 aorus aero g or ProArt B660 Creator with RAM , SSD almost the same . This option would take all budget ( more for cooling , PCie 4.0 SSD , PSU )
I know from research that iGPU helps on Premiere Pro (not sure about AMD integrated). 5700g supports only PCie 3.0 .
The questions are : I know second build is much better , but with that one i don't know how fast i could get an dedicated GPU , for my needs first build will be enough? I rarely play games , and dont need them to be maxed settings , PC will be used only on Browsing , maybe movies and video editing .
It is so big difference between PCie 4.0 and 3.0 SSDs ?
I wont use many effects , maybe some color grading , I want a smooth preview and decent render time . It is second system an overkill for my needs? Thank you .
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2022.01.16 16:13 One_Quality_4519 I can’t wait for this sub to get banned.

Tim talking about this sub getting banned, because it got flooded with boomer level antivaxxer memes, is where this is meant to peak. I am ready for it to be put out of its misery.
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2022.01.16 16:13 Relevant-Mission27 I hate Reneé,, what’s your thoughts and opinions

She’s so much worse then Gabby, Reneé treated Susan like dirt because she didn’t have as much mum, she’s rude, she’s arrogant. She annoying me, I feel like she’s a pick me.
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2022.01.16 16:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [NZ] - Serious crash on outskirt of Hamilton, diversions in place | NZ Herald

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