How I Would've Approach The DCEU Phase 2

2022.01.16 16:49 MysticAGV How I Would've Approach The DCEU Phase 2

Continuation of the prior Phase
The Dark Knight/Batman 2(Spring of 2019) Introduce Dick Grayson/Robin(Jaeden Lieberher) as his family is killed by thugs(pick any gang/mob). Show the progression of vengeful from the beginning of the film to a hero by the end of the film into Robin. Have Batman adopt Dick Grayson and teach him how to do what he does so he can help Batman make sure this never happens to anyone ever again. And have The Riddler(Christoph Waltz) be the enemy that holds the caped crusader and brings Robin to the conclusion he must help Batman.
The Flash 2(Winter of 2019) introduces Kid Flash/Wally West(Toby Nichols) Iris West's nephew. Barry and Iris have some on-screen relationship growth to the point where Barry tells Iris he is ‘The Flash’ and she understands slightly why he didn’t tell her. Have Wally get struck by a lightning bolt sending Wally into a coma near the beginning of the Movie. Barry gets caught up with taking care of The Reverse Flash(Matthew McConaughey) after their first fight ends with Barry getting the crap beat out of him Reverse-Flash disappears. Wally wakes up to find out he has Super Speed and Iris freaks out and asks Barry to train Wally in the way of using his speed too. After a training montage, Wally wants his own costume and Barry decides to make him one. On Christmas Barry gives Wally his Suit. Barry gives Wally his new suit and then Barry looks on the news to see that Reverse-Flash is attacking the city and Barry takes off to stop him. The Flash and The Reverse Flash start their fight as it seems Reverse Flash is winning. Iris tells Wally he needs to go and help ‘The Flash’, Wally asks why and Iris says “he’s Barry and he needs your help”. Wally runs out in his new suit to help Barry. Barry and Wally start beating Reverse-Flash, Reverse-Flash barely escapes and both Barry and Wally sit down and Barry says “not bad Wally” to which Wally says “not so bad yourself Barry” they both start laughing and Barry says “you need a name... how about Kid Flash” Wally says “Not happening.”.
Aquaman 2(Summer of 2020) introduces Aqualad/Kaldur(Jacob Anderson) as a student of Mira who decides he wants to work to together with Aquaman the now king of Atlantis. Have Black Manta(Denzel Washington) be the bad guy and have Aqualad help Aquaman until it’s revealed that Black Manta is his father. This revelation takes Aqualad out of the fight until he decides he would rather help the people that raised him over his own blood.
Man of Steel/Superman 2(Fall of 2020) introduce Supergirl/Kara Zor El(Brighton Sharbino) and have Metallo(Brad Pitt) be the bad guy and have the romance between Lois Lane and Clark kent blossom a little. Have the cousin relationship between Kal-el and Kara grow a little throughout the movie as Kara grows accustomed to earth. While fighting Metallo were introduced to Kryptonite and Kara hears the danger and decides to help her cousin out.
Teen Titans(Summer of 2021) have the Justice League come together in a meeting and they bring their sidekicks along with them. When they all arrive all the sidekicks are left in their own room and this causes Wally West to complain and Dick Grayson to tell him to shut up and Aqualad and Supergirl as the voices of reason tell them to stop fighting. Batman comes in and tells them that whether they like it or not they are a team now and that he had a building built for them. Robin asks why and Batman says “Because you all could benefit from some teamwork”. A few months pass and a fight occurs that introduces Starfire(Landry Bender) on the run from her sister Blackfire(Olivia Rodrigo) that causes the Teen Titans to help Starfire fight back her sister and they invite her to join the Teen Titans.
Shazam 2(Winter of 2021) Introduction of Dr. Fate(Colin Farrell) before his solo movie. Have Dr. Sivana(Peter Dinklage) be the villain that finds a way to the rock of eternity that only Shazam can get to. After Sivana is defeated by the combined efforts of Shazam and Dr. Fate have Black Adam(Dwayne) arrives to take his vengeance out on The Wizard only to be defeated by Dr. Fate and Shazam ending the movie.
Wonder Woman 2(Summer of 2022) have the movie be set in the modern-day and have the villain be Circe(Gemma Chan) who causes Wonder Woman to need the assistants of Zatanna(Ruth Negga) causing their combined efforts to win the day.
Doctor Fate(Winter of 2022) have the movie be set in the past with a younger Kent Nelson(Colin Farrell) and his fiancee Inza Nelson(?). Have the two get married then a couple years pass as Inza introduces Kent into a world of magic and he accidentally puts the helmet of fate on which alerts a sorcerer named Wotan(Tom Ellis). Wotan arrives and the now new Doctor Fate struggles against him barely able to escape with Inza. Kent then accepts the fact that this is now his life and he has to live with the fact he may never see inza again and surrenders his conscience to the helmet in order to protect her. Nabu(Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is allowed to take over as the one-sided fight begins as Nabu and Kent together push Wotan into a magical prison he can’t ever hope to escape.
Justice League 2(Fall of 2023) Have Professor Ivo(Clint Eastwood) create the Amazo(CGI and Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) for Maxwell Lord(Ryan Gosling) to use against the Justice League. The Amazo inevitably absorbs all of the league's powers and causes a ruckus destroying most of a town in the fight with the league. The destruction causes the appearance of the Teen Titans to appear who handle themselves well for a bit keeping the android off balance before it absorbs all their powers as well. Then when all hope seems very lost thunder clouds start to appear and a huge thundelightning bolt strikes the android down destroying its inner circuitry saving the day. Everyone looks around confused as Shazam starts floating down. Shazam lands and everyone starts thanking him for saving their lives and then after a small talk Superman asks if Shazam wants to join the Justice League and Shazam says “Yes!”. Maxwell calls someone with his phone and tells them that the Amazo android was a complete success and that it will be invaluable to The Legion of Doom.
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2022.01.16 16:49 HadesSouleater WTS bl-skins at 83% tp

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2022.01.16 16:49 dduummbbaassss i love cj's old voice (starlight mayhem)

the newer one is pretty good but it's kinda generic. cj's old vocals sounded like a ytpmv from 2007 and i love it.
ruby's voice definetly improved though, i actually like echoes now so that's nice.
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2022.01.16 16:49 Dr_Realities Hatched hundreds of eggs with MM and shiny charm and no luck

I’ve been hatching eggs for a shiny rotom, almost all my box’s are full and I can’t get a shiny to appear, kinda looking for motivation.
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2022.01.16 16:49 Vanadium_CoffeeCup I recently found an old alarm clock, but it's not in working order. I believe the only way to get inside is through the lock. However, I have no idea what type of lock this is or how to tackle it. Does anyone have any ideas?

I recently found an old alarm clock, but it's not in working order. I believe the only way to get inside is through the lock. However, I have no idea what type of lock this is or how to tackle it. Does anyone have any ideas? submitted by Vanadium_CoffeeCup to lockpicking [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 16:49 tigerbeast125 Best seasons

I just finished watching the show and I thought seasons 1,2 and 5 were the best with season 1 being the most exciting. Anyone else agree? I’d like to hear your opinions.
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2022.01.16 16:49 onlyherefor50_50 how do i do an e perm without having to do an h perm at the end!!!

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2022.01.16 16:49 Alternative_Basis186 Struggles maintaining friendships

Does anyone else here have a really hard time making and maintaining friendships? I only have one good friend. I yearn to have a bunch of friends, but a lot of people are thrown off by some of my autistic traits. I’ve had some instances where I say something that is inappropriate or comes across as mean and I don’t realize it until later. I’ve always required a lot of alone time after work or school, so I don’t socialize much outside of those environments. Plus I occasionally get over excited about special interests and dominate the conversation when one of them comes up. I usually stop myself when that happens, but I don’t realize I’m doing it until I start seeing a blank stare on the other person’s face. I also struggle with making eye contact and communication issues.
I’ve gotten better at communicating with other people over time, but I think I just come across as weird, rude, or aloof to a lot of people despite my best efforts. I feel really lonely and it is quite depressing. Does anyone else go through this?
For the record, I love being autistic and am proud to be me. This is just something that I struggle with.
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2022.01.16 16:49 SnarkOfWintrfell Behavioral Principles in Communicative Disorders

Title: Behavioral Principles in Communicative Disorders
Authors: Christine A. Maul, Brooke R. Findley, Amanda Nicolson Adams
Year: 2015
ISBN-13: 9781597569538
ISBN-10: 1597569534
TIA! :)
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2022.01.16 16:49 Mister_rose64 Peaker advantage my a**.

Do you know if there is any timing for the peaker advantage thing? Cause I try to me more agressive using this mechanics and I would say picker advantage my ass! Always losing against one adsing guy.
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2022.01.16 16:49 vegasbm Nigeria bleeding profusely under Buhari –Prof Akin Osuntokun

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I'm thinking maybe my low karma won't allow me to post on karma community
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2022.01.16 16:49 Yeetus_The_Mighty_ A bit of speculation I’ve done

This is all purely theoretical and has probably been said a lot already. If you already know some of the stuff I said here, props to you.
Out of all the theories I’ve seen, there’s one that’s interested me quite a bit. I’ll be fittingly referring to this as the Ark theory, which connects Genshin to the world of Honkai Impact 3rd. The way this theory goes is that the world of Teyvat is actually the spacecraft loaded with humanity’s genetic code, launched into space, in case the threat plaguing the world was not able to be quelled. This, in my opinion, would explain a few other things.
First off, the theory of Paimon being Asmoday, the Sustainer Of Heavenly Principals
If we’re looking at the world of Teyvat as a colony ship, then it might not be entirely out of the question that Asmoday could be a protective subroutine. Where this ties in to the theory I mentioned is that rather than directly being Asmoday, Paimon could potentially be a form of backup copy, and her current state would be a byproduct of the current Asmoday still remaining online, and thus, the backup copy’s protocol detailing its duties would not need to be initiated.
Then, there’s the sky. Scaramouche states that the stars are a lie. If this is correct, and the sky is merely an illusion, that would explain why the moon is always full.
With all this talk about a colony ship, I noticed that if this theory is to be believed, Genshin Impact would have a lot in common with another game.
Ark: Survival Evolved
Both set on a space station with an artificial environment inside, sent up with the human genome inside. The monsters of Teyvat could potentially be similar to the Ultimate Life Forms of Ark, that being a method of testing survivors, and preparing them for whatever awaits them once the ark reaches its final destination.
While most of what I said is pure speculation, and leaves a lot of questions unanswered, this is all just a thought I had.
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2022.01.16 16:49 test-number-6 Randomly warped to limbo while playing on Hypixel

Help! About every hour while playing on hypixel my game will freeze for about 30 seconds and I’ll be warped to limbo, and when I do /limbo to determine the reason it displays is “The lobby you attempted to join is full or offline” which makes no sense because other people that were in my lobby remain fine. This has happened in Skyblock, Skyblock Dungeons, Murder Mystery, Bedwars, and The Pit. It also happens whether I use forge, lunar, vanilla, or just optifine. My internet is incredible with average 31-35 ping and I’ve got like 300mpbs download speed. This happens on both computers I own (and they both have great specs) and I’ve attempted connecting to but nothing helps and nobody else seems to be experiencing this bug. Anyone have advice?
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