need help with digital code on amazon

Tried to buy a digital code because I was being lazy and didn't wanna drive to the store and back for a gift card to add money to my Xbox account. Big mistake. Took longer to verify the purchase than it would've to just go buy a card. Then trying to redeem the code it started a whole new set of problems. Platform For Display: Xbox & Windows [Digital Code]Edition: Standard Verified Purchase Download process came through email and was multi step through a convoluted process. Customer service was awful when I called them about this as it was a present for my husband. Please also note that Amazon will never ask for your personal information or to make a payment outside of our website (e.g. via bank transfer, emailing credit card details, etc.). You can get tips on safe online shopping from our Help pages and watch a short Help video on identifying phishing e-mails.

2022.01.16 17:01 Scythebrine9 need help with digital code on amazon

so i tried to buy a whale shark card on amazon for Xbox (Dont judge me) and i accidently bought it for PS4, i dont own a PS4, so is there any way i can return it? because it wont return like a normal product because its digital.
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2022.01.16 17:01 Salazaar231 Lego Chef

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2022.01.16 17:01 HungryAsIWriteThis Why is there normal total body sodium in SIADH if more sodium is excreted?

I get that in SIADH to correct the increase in effective circulating volume (ECV) there is downregulation of SNS and RAAS, increasing sodium/water excretion to return ECV back to normal.
But according to BnB there is normal total body sodium in SIADH patients. How can that be if more sodium gets excreted?
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2022.01.16 17:01 iccaecumsa $RFD | Ruffian Doge | King of Doge rewards 7% Reflections, Just Launched, Coin Gecko, CMC coming soon 💎x1000 GEM

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2022.01.16 17:01 Nwadamor How long before an antidepressant starts working?

As the title says, how long should an antidepressant (SSRI) take before it starts working?
Let's say I went to the psychiatrists with depressive symptoms, cognitive deficits, speech difficulties and issues with my senses. The sensory issues responded (permanently) to the meds, but my cognitive issues have not responded to any of the antidepressants I have been put on. And I have been on meds since early 2017!
These same cognitive symptoms have responded to random things in mere hours. Even in a 5-month period that I couldn't afford meds, my cognitive symptoms rapidly improved in a couple of days and permanently, no lifestyle change, no meds, coffee, etc.
My doctors keep telling me that cognitive symptoms are part of my depression and that if I take my meds long enough they would resolve. They do not attempt to try another drug different from what I have been given so far. They keep cycling same drugs.
However, I feel like they are just telling half truths to placate me and attend to the next patient. Atleast they have no incentive to solve my problem. These cognitive problems have shown their nature MULTIPLE times. They have shown to quickly improve, temporarily and permanently. So how come I have not made even a slight improvement when on these meds?
I read that antidepressants at times take weeks to start working, but should they take years?
Also, how do I know my cognitive problems is due to depression and not something else? Should memory problems, concentration issues in depression vanish for weeks after being at maximum severity for years? And then go back to worst a day later?
Should my cognitive deficits in depression vanish for 2 days after waking up a 5 minute nap?
Furthermore, is the loss of ability to visualize a symptom of depression? Are there theories as to the nature of cognitive deficits in depression. I mean, cognitive deficits are in adhd, schizophrenia too, but are different in cause/mechanisms.
I will greatly appreciate your replies.
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2022.01.16 17:01 Independent-Fly4197 Fanart for lexi

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2022.01.16 17:01 CreepyInky Available funds different from net profit?

I might just be being stupid, but yesterday my finance page on etsy said I had $40 available for deposit and $40 net profit. Then I got an order for $10 and now it says I only have $39 available for deposit, but my net profit still went up to $49 (after fees). Did I do something wrong? I have the deposit set for once a week, a d really dont know if I'm just missing something
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2022.01.16 17:01 SBCwarrior Meet Spike my aquarium bladder snail. Got him as a hitchhiker when I got some fish and he was the size of a grain of sand 😊

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2022.01.16 17:01 Acrobatic_Maximum_78 How do you know troches are providing lasting benefit for depression?

I’ve been on 50mg troches daily via a nurse practitioner, and aside from the time when I take a troche, I can’t notice that ketamine is helping me with my depression. How do you know it’s helping you?
I’m still just as depressed as before, dealing with the same real life issues as before. I do therapy with a psychologist as well though it’s not regarding what happens in my head during ketamine sessions.
Nurse practitioner wants to keep me on 50mg doses daily for a second month. I’m starting to wonder if I should get a bigger dose less often or bail on ketamine entirely.
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2022.01.16 17:01 evilpirates Think I’m getting rid of my nikes. But does it matter how I do it?

I was reading Exodus yesterday and had a thought about the several unworn pairs currently own. I bought them all with no idea of what the company name entailed (actually for two of them, I wasn’t quite sure at the time) and I did so with the intent to just resell them anyway to help pay for books. However, I’ve been praying for some kind of confirmation that it would be cool to still get my money back on them. Even if I could somehow just give them back to the actual company and wash my hands of them.
I just had this idea that God would want me to burn them or throw them out and that I’d be like the people in the Bible who ‘did something abominable before the Lord’ for fretting over how much money I’d lose.
I’ve earnestly confronted the thought of throwing them away completely and am ready to do so if that is what He wants, but I’d honestly need Him to help me through that process because that was a big part of paying for my semester. But then again, I really don’t perceive that He is concerned about money spent and things of that nature.
Not to drag this into an essay, but I also own a few pairs of Jordans that don’t have any logos or titles of its parent-company. The dilemma, of course, is that it is owned by its parent-company. But would that even count?
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2022.01.16 17:01 617mph Anyone willing to swap sizes? I just got mine blue in XS but I need a XXS instead. I just got it a few minutes ago so still brand new.

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2022.01.16 17:01 MrCrysero [QUESTION] Any strats without pickguard?

So ive asked this before so im gonna try again, im looking for a standard strat, but just without a pickguard. Around the price of 400-600. I looked on reverb and found that fender used to make something like this and godin makes these aswell but theyre all close to 1000.
I really dont understand why strats have to look like plastic toys when theres so many delicious looking HH guitars with veneers and everything, for decent prices too
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2022.01.16 17:01 Oladeep $USELESS-Fully transparent, community centered, innovating the space, steady product delivery, honest accountable Devs, still at a great entry point, everything an investor wants. Go full time Useless like Carc and Amir.

$USELESS-Fully transparent, community centered, innovating the space, steady product delivery, honest accountable Devs, still at a great entry point, everything an investor wants. Go full time Useless like Carc and Amir. submitted by Oladeep to CryptoMoonCoins [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 17:01 Ah-here Advice on I94 new rules for spouse on L2 Visa

I am trying to understand will my wife be allowed to work immediately once the new rules regarding i94 come in.
Previously i believe she would have to wait for an EAD once we arrive in the US (which takes 8-14 months i believe)
So my question is 2 parts, 1. have the new changes already been written into law? and also when they have an she begin work on an L2 immediately or is there still some fences to jump?
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2022.01.16 17:01 ScorpioAsh10 Dance for Supermodel on 90s night!

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2022.01.16 17:01 WolfIntelligent892 joey ?

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2022.01.16 17:01 NikTheNerdBoy People of Reddit, how's your weekend going?

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2022.01.16 17:01 vicwardian Memorial site crash Vickers Wellington, 149 Squadron, RAF (14 March 1941)

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2022.01.16 17:01 LoveMangaBuddy Read The First Sequence - Chapter 33 - TrueManga

Due to the nuclear winter, the world was destroyed and a new era opened. Human beings are no longer the masters of the world, and crises have emerged one after another. Mankind rebuilds the order of the new world. At this time, the protagonist Ren Xiaosu rose step by step by absorbing positive energy, while changing the world. Di Yi Xu Lie, Dì Yī Xù Liè, First Sequence, The First Order, 第一序列 ... Read The First Sequence - Chapter 33 - TrueManga. Read more at
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2022.01.16 17:01 Bonus1Fact At the "Save America" rally in Arizona Saturday night, former President Donald #Trump gave a blistering indictment of President @JoeBiden, who, he said, has caused "more destruction ... than the last five presidents put together in the last year."

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2022.01.16 17:01 LadyAtrox What could this be? Leander, Texas. The pattern dissappears when dry. Found on my property which has plentiful chert, quartz, limestone and granite.

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2022.01.16 17:01 NoahVerrier “Pizza & Tequila” me, oil, 2022

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2022.01.16 17:01 MindMugging Personal thoughts on what it means to be diversified

This is for anyone who hears "You should be diversified", but not exactly sure what that really means.
Diversification - WHY? We diversify not because we want to pick the best companies. We diversify because we know things won't always go right. In fact many bets will go wrong, so worst case happens, how can I protect myself? I'll put it this way, you are giving up your 300% potential portfolio return for 2022 to avoid potential 60% loss in 2022. The reasoning to do this is simple. It's great if I can get that 300%, we can dream about all the things we can do. Can you really afford a more than half of all you saved up? If you can afford the risk, then shoot the moon. If you can't then protect yourself. This is very important. Professional manager spend just as much time researching on how to avoid catastrophes than researching the next big winner.
What is diversification: The ideal diversification starts at ASSET CLASS which means getting some bonds and other assets that doesn't move the in the same direction as stocks in general. If you don't care about anything other than stocks, that's OK! We'll look at only with in equity space.
I see postings like "I am holding NFLX AMZN FB AMC NVDA GOOG AAPL TSLA PYPL". That's NOT diversification. These are just a list of Tech stocks. The concept of Correlation comes in here, and what it means is does it gain and lose at the same time as everything else? if I have 2 stocks that will gain and lose at the same for the same amount, there is no reason to own both. So we want correlation to be LOW when comparing. Below is a simple example of correlation between the stocks and S&P Tech ETF and S&P ETF: XLK is the highest against all other sectors (I didn't show here), and generally higher than SPY as a whole. So this means on a given day, your gain/loss is really determined by 1 sector - TECH.
Ticker XLK SPY NFLX 0.47 0.35 AMZN 0.68 0.62 FB 0.68 0.65 AMC 0.07 0.09 NVDA 0.59 0.44 GOOG 0.71 0.71 AAPL 0.84 0.64 TSLA 0.49 0.43 PYPL 0.60 0.59
If you want to be diversified, you have to look for stocks that are low in correlation or negative in correlation.
Diversification IDEAS:

All said and done: sample is something like this LH - HEALTH - $130 MPC - EN - $30 CAG - ConsStaple - $60 PNW - Util - $20 COF - FI - $110 LYB - Material - $30 WY - RE - $30 VIAC - Comm - $110 EBAY - ConsDescr - $130 HPE - Tech - $290 NLSN - Ind - $80 Total - - $1000
important note: This is NOT what I own, and this is not my process. I simply took the stock that has a lower P/E than their industry average. It's just an example of picking A stock from each IndustrySector.
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2022.01.16 17:01 lawlietrivers How i imagine Megellda and Ban from now on

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2022.01.16 17:01 KuroRead Tomoko Kuroki. A big fucking Pocky Day - by @tahataharrrrr (Google and DeepL translation)

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